Research Projects


S. No. Principal Investigator Title of the Project Discipline Funding Agency Period Amount in Rs. Report
1 Dr. Zacharias Thomas Cost benefit analysis of paddy cultivation in Kuttanad Commerce UGC 2005 – 2007 50,000 Click to Download
2 Tony Antony Issues in procuement, marketing and processing of paddy and related products in Kuttanad Commerce UGC 2005 – 2007 30,000 Click to Download
3 Dr. Jacob K K Profile and profitability analysis of the state level public enterprises in Kerala Commerce UGC 2005 – 2007 50,000 Click to Download
4 Dr. Indulal G Distance spectrum of graphs  Mathematics UGC 2009 – 2011 80,000 Click to Download
5 Dr. Jochan Joseph Photo electronic studies of Mn doped Potassium halides by melt growth Physics UGC 2010 – 2012 131,000 Click to Download
6 Dr. K.C. Mathai Auto-ignition combustion synthesis of MxM (1-x) Nb2O6 (M = Mg/Ca) and M = Ba/Sr) and its characterization Physics UGC 2010 – 2012 130,000 Click to Download
7 Varghese Antony Water and Soil Analysis in Kuttanad Chemistry UGC 2011 – 2013 110,000 Click to Download
8 Dr. Biju Lukose Effects of multimedia computer assisted coaching and traditional coaching on physical and physiological variables among Kuttanad school swimmers Physical Education UGC 2011 – 2013 100,000 Click to Download
9 Dr. N. Suja Ecobiology of black clam Villorita cyprinoides from Kuttanad waters of Alappuzha District Zoology UGC 2013 – 2015 122,000 Click to Download
10 Dr. N. Suja Science of Fisheries- Towards the Public Zoology KSCSTE 2013 – 2015 180,000 Click to Download
11 Dr. Jubin Antony Willingness to pay for access to improved and reliable piped water – A contingent valuation study in Kuttanad Taluk, Kerala Statistics UGC 2014 – 2016 200,000 Click to Download
12 Dr. Lakshmi Vijayan Investigations on Electrical, Magnetic, Electrochemical Behaviour of Nasicon and Olivine Materials Physics UGC 2014 – 2016 200,000 Click to Download
13 Rosmin John Characterization and Studies of Metal Sulphide Thin Films in Sol-Gel Matrix Prepared by Spin Coating Technique Physics UGC 2014 – 2016 70,000 Click to Download
14 Lizymol Xavier Characterization and Studies of Metal Sulphide Thin Films in PVA Matrix Prepared by Spin Coating Technique Physics UGC 2014 – 2016 200,000 Click to Download
15 Dr. Gem Cherian Linguistic Channelisation of the Undergraduate: Analysing the Relevance of the Syllabus of the CBCSS Open Course Programme, “English for Careers”, of Mahatma Gandhi University English UGC 2014 – 2016 50,000 Click to Download
16 Dr. Vinu T Vadakel Influence of high energy radiation on the optical and luminescent properties of phthalocyanine thin films Physics UGC 2015 – 2017 500,000 Click to Download
17 Rani George Synthesis and optical characterization studies of rare-earth doped TiO2/PVDF hybrid membranes Physics UGC 2015 – 2017 455,000 Click to Download
18 Dr. Shibu George Larvicidal and antimicrobial properties of selected plants from upper Kuttanad; an ecologically fragile area of South India Zoology UGC 2015 – 2017 310,000 Click to Download
19 Jijo Joy Natural world habitat networks and land management: A study based on network theory Mathematics UGC 2015 – 2017 300,000 Click to Download
20 Dr. Tessa Thomas Biology and distribution of Atyid shrimps in the Kuttanad region of Pamba River Zoology UGC 2015 – 2017 240,000 Click to Download
21 Kochuthresiamma Joseph A study on fuzzy logic and bi-rads in breast cancer Mathematics UGC 2015 – 2017 210,000 Click to Download
22 Paul Jacob A deductive and pedagogical analysis of the Holy Bible as Wholly World Literature English UGC 2015 – 2017 155,000 Click to Download
23 Sherin Mathichiparambil Return of the post-apocalypse: power-politics in contemporary dystopian young adult fiction-Analysing Roth’s divergent trilogy English UGC 2015 – 2017 130,000 Click to Download
24 Dr. Joshy Andrews Changing Investor Perception Towards Savings and Investments Among the Youngsters in Kerala Commerce UGC 2015 – 2017 140,000 Click to Download