The Department of Electronic Equipment and Maintenance in St Aloysius College, Edathua was started in 2001 as a UGC sponsored vocational course.  The sanctioned strength is 30. This B.Sc. Programme is a two core courses programme under Choice Based Course Credit and Semester system. The syllabus of this undergraduate self-financing course (Double Main, Model III) is prescribed by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

Programme Overview

B.Sc. EEM programme has Physics and Electronics as main courses and Computer and Mathematics as the complementary courses aiming to provide a strong foundation for developing skills in electronic circuit designing, software development, assembling, troubleshooting and maintenance of computers.

Career Opportunities

The objective of this programme is to equip students to pursue careers in Electronics, IT and Computer Hardware related fields or to go in for higher studies in the related disciplines and also enable students to start an enterprise of their own. There are several career options in public as well as private sectors. Those who wish to continue with the same field can opt for a masters degree in various specialized areas like Masters in Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, IT and so on.

The course provides opportunity to study topics like electronic equipment, specializing in repair and maintenance procedures; analyzing a machine such as a computer, determining all of its problems and preparing it to be worked on by an authority electronics repairman. Candidates can have jobs in various electronics equipment manufacturing industries, automobile electronics and allied industries, industries manufacturing solar power based inverters after its successful completion. 

Various ITIs in India offered this trade.  The students of the department will be placed in industries directly through campus recruitment and by direct means. The value added courses, certificate courses and training programs for students help them to improve their technical skills in theory and practice. The students are also trained to excel in application and logical skills through electronics projects and seminars. In addition to the regular classroom and laboratory sessions students undergo 30 hours On the Job Training at centres associated with the IT/Electronics industry. OJT gives the students hands-on industrial experience.