Other Clubs

Shakespeare Club

The Department of English has embarked upon an ambitious programme, by constituting a Shakespeare Club, to make the lovers of English literature in our College enjoy Shakespeare’s works. The Club enacts scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

Amateur Astronomy Club

Club has a Newtonian and a Galilean telescope. The club periodically conducts sky watching for the public and the students of the neighbouring schools

Non-Conventional Energy Club

The club has a solar cooker, windmill, solar still, solar panel and solar lamp. The working of these instruments is demonstrated and familiarized for the neighbouring school students during the two-day workshop “EUREKA”.

Meteorology Club

The club has the instruments: Solar Power Meters-Surya Mapi, Self-Recording Rain Gauge, Barometer, Open Pan Evaporimeter, Cup Type Anemometer, Hygrometer, Wind Vane, Sunshine Recorder, and Bimetallic Thermograph.

Aloysian English Club

The Aloysian English Club helps to enhance the literary skills of students. In the club meetings organised every month, students come together to share their writings and discuss the works they have read. The club  takes an active part in organising programme in the college to mark major literary events.

Sky Up

The ‘Sky Up’ forum of the college was formed in the academic year 2014-15. The forum opens up a wonderful platform for the student community to invoke life learning skills which shall enable them to excel in different walks of life.


  • Overall personality development of students
  • Creating potential leaders
  • Confidence building
  • Enhancing organizing capabilities
  • Imparting managerial skills
  • Creating competent group players
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Inculcating the value of altruism

Structure of the club:

2nd DC students representing different departments in the college constitute the Sky Up team for an academic year. The selection to the Sky Up team is a scientific process. Applicants should pass a written test and Personal Interview. A uniform is also designed for the team members.

Activity involvement:

The ‘Sky Up’ team of the college is part and parcel of good deal of activities organized at institutional level which paves way for the student community to capture higher realms of excellence by reaching to the objectives laid down.

Sky Up team takes up the lead role in organizing all the major events in the college including orientation programmes, arts day, college union inauguration, PTA General body meeting and retirement functions.

Major programme initiated:

The auspicious event of ‘Aloysian Exemplar Competition’ is organized under the leadership of Sky Up team.

The competition consists of four rounds:

  1. Written test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Personal interview
  4. Stage performance

Aloysian Exemplar Contest is a journey to explore luminaries among Aloysians. The outgoing students of Degree and Post Graduate courses are evaluated on their academic performance and attendance and are then provided with an entry to the contest. The expedition to the title of Aloysian Exemplar begins with a written test to assess the ability of the candidate in current affairs, English, numerical ability and logical thinking. The second round is Group Discussion. This is hosted to assess the candidate’s communication skill, leadership skill and team work. The third round is personal interview. Here a candidate is assessed on the basis of confidence and personality. The final round is the stage performance, where the candidate presents themselves on behalf of the entire college community. Here the candidate showcases their talents. It is followed with a stress interview round. The final stage consists of 10 finalists and the final five students are qualified as Aloysian Exemplars for the respective academic year based on the aggregate marks scored in each round. Graduation day and passing out ceremony are also initiated by the team.

Nature & Energy Club

Conservation of energy and preservation of nature is an essential aspect of human existence. Without conserving energy and preserving our nature, there is no way in which we can survive in the future. Nature & Energy Club play an important role in creating energy and environmental awareness amongst the future generation. The aim of Nature and Energy Club is to sensitize and mobilize students’ participation in the preservation and conservation of energy and bring students closer to Mother Nature and make them realize the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment. In connection with the United Nation’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are working for awareness and promotion to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all. All students from the Science departments are members of this club. The club organizes various activities under the leadership of Mr Jogi Joseph (Dept. of Mathematics), Ms Rosmin John (Dept. of Physics), Dr Lakshmi Vijayan (Dept. of Physics) Ms Deena C. Scaria (Dept. of Mathematics) and Dr Joshy Andrews (Dept. of Commerce). 

Nature is the universal source of information.

Energy is the universal language of Nature.’


  • Motivate the students to conserve the energy and clean their surrounding environment
  • Promote conservation of energy by minimizing the use of energy.
  • Awareness to students and public for use of energy-efficient equipment
  • Promote more use of green energy for a sustainable future
  • Conduct the hands-on training for the students and public in renewable energy


Arts Club of St. Aloysius College provides ample opportunities for the students to develop their imaginative faculties and provides them with the sight to see things in creative, artistic and aesthetic ways. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. To tap the inherent talents and potentials of the student community at all levels of life. Our institution intends to uphold the relative merits of the students and to expose them to the higher-order society which would in turn bring laurels to the institution through constant motivation and encouragement. The Arts Club caters to the needs of those students who have an aptitude and aspiration for music, dance or other fine arts. Students are encouraged to participate in youth festivals, intercollegiate and other art competitions.


“Literature is where I go to explore the highest and lowest places in human society and in the human spirit, where I hope to find not absolute truth but the truth of the tale, of the imagination and of the heart.” Salman Rushdie

The Literary Club of St. Aloysius College functions with the distinct aim to develop the imaginative faculties of students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various literary forms. The literary capabilities inherent in the students need to be explored to give flair to their creative aptitude. The Club intends to develop and nurture the literary and creative talents of the students. So, the club focuses on molding innate creativity in a unique way. The club is a joint venture of English, Malayalam and Hindi Departments. The club offers a scaffold for the students to appreciate literary works of different languages and develop their own literary talents. 

Vincent de Paul Society

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833 for the sanctification of its members by personal service to the poor. It is an organization set up worldwide for charitable activities and has a unit functioning in our college aiming to inculcate the values of charity and compassion for the poor. It also aims to cultivate a culture of sympathy and empathy on the campus and to impart help and service to the needy students. On a regular basis, the society members take collections from the alumni, teachers and students and donate them to the deserved ones.

National Integration and Communal Harmony

National Integration refers to the perception of a single national identity among people of a country belonging to various races, castes and religions. Communal Harmony refers to the harmony, acceptance and love among the people of various communities belonging to different castes, races and religions. Communal Harmony is the most important pre-condition for a feeling of Unity and National Integration in India.

It is the sacred duty of the teachers and students to inject the importance of communal harmony into our society. To integrate our emotions and aspirations and ensure Communal Harmony and National integration of the country a club is functioning in our college. In order to substantiate and enunciate the slogan, ‘unity in diversity’, the club organises orientation classes, quiz competitions, seminars, essay writing competitions and elocution competitions.

Folklore Club

To Promote the folk performing art forms of Kerala and to evolve new art forms from traditional arts without losing their identity, the Folklore Club was established in our college during the academic year 2013-14 as a non-registered club. To accomplish the objectives, the club organises various seminars and art performances. Membership is open to all students interested in folk arts and folklore.

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