Scholarships Instituted by the College

The College has instituted more than 70 scholarships to promote the meritorious students. In addition to the merit-based scholarships financially weak students are awarded special scholarships. It is the policy of the College that none of its students have to leave the College due to financial difficulties.

The list of scholarships instituted by the College are given below.

S. No. Scholarship Name Details Amount
1 Rev. Dr. Thomas Pothanamuzhi Prize Best outgoing student (Arts, Science Stream) 2000
2 Rev. Fr. Zacharias Punnappadam Memorial Award Best UG Student 1000
3 Dr. P. T. Joseph Gold Medal Highest Marks in degree course 1000
4 Dr. P. T. Joseph Prize Top Mark in Part 1 English 250
5 Cheriyil Lekshmyamma Assan Scholarship Highest marks in Part II Malayalam 250
6 Prof. Thulasiamma G. Endowment Highest marks in Malayalam – I DC 1000
7 Cheriyil Assan Scholarship Highest Marks in Part II Hindi –II DC 250
8 Prof. Annamma Joseph Memorial Endowment Highest Marks in Part II Hindi I DC 500
9 Prof. George Joseph Endowment SSLC Topper from among the children of L.G. Staff 500
10 Prof. P. J. Valsamma Endowment For girl student of the College securing maximum points in the M G University inter-collegiate aquatic meet 400
11 Prof. Thankamma Thomas Endowment Highest marks in B. Com. Malayalam 500
12 Sri. Jose Gregory & Mariamma Joseph Nalupurackal, Pacha Memorial Endowment Highest percentage of mark in Part II Malayalam 500
13 PTA Proficiency Prize  M. Sc. Mathematics 250
14 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. Sc. Mathematics 250
15 Sibilal Memorial Scholarship Highest mark for B. Sc. Mathematics 400
16 Prof. Abdul Lathief Scholarship Highest Marks in M. Sc. Mathematics 400
17 Prof. Rosamma Luke Endowment Highest Marks in B. Sc Maths (Main only) 1000
18 Prof. K. U. Sacharia Endowment Highest Mark in M. Sc. Mathematics Sem. I & II 800
19 Prof. Rosamma Thomas Endowment Best student who is financially backward at entry level of B. Sc. Mathematics 2000
20 Prof. Joy Joseph Endowment Highest marks in Statistics 800
21 Prof. Aniamma Peter Endowment Highest mark in B. Sc. Mathematics 1500
22 PTA Proficiency prize  B. Sc. 250
23 Sri. P. R. Krishnapillai Memorial Scholarship Highest mark in B. Sc. Zoology 250
24 Prof. Joseph C. Edward Endowment award  Highest mark in Fifth Sem. B. Sc. Zoology 100
25 PTA Proficiency Pize  M. Sc. 250
26 Sri. Kurian Varkey Prize Highest Mark in B. Sc. Physics 250
27 Prof. George C. Kattampally Scholarship Highest mark in B.Sc. Physics 250
28 Rev. Fr. Gregory Paruvaparampil Scholarship Best student at entry level of M. Sc. Who is financially backward 400
29 Rev. Fr. Gregory Paruvaparampil Endowment  Best student of II M. Sc. Physics – overall performance 400
30 Rev. Fr. Gregory Paruvaparambil Scholarship  Highest mark for M. Sc. Physics 400
31 Prof. James Sebastian Endowment  Highest mark in I M. Sc. Physics 400
32 Prof. Thresiamma Thomas Endowment Highest mark in Subsidiary Mathematics of B. Sc. Physics 800
33 Prof. Annamma P. A. Endowment Highest mark in B. Sc. Physics Main 800
34 Prof. James Lukose Endowment Student with best Leadership and Co-curricular skills from final year M. Sc. & B.Sc. Physics 700
35 Prof. Mariamma Mathew Endowment Best Catholic student M. Sc. And B. Sc. Final year 700
36 Dr. Varghese Mathew Endowment Best orator of the Physics department 1000
37 Prof. Jacob Koshy Endowment Best student at entry level of B.Sc. Physics who is financially backward 1000
38 Dr. K. C. Mathai Endowment Highest marks for M. Sc. Physics 1000
39 Nitha Catherin Jacob Valamparampil Memorial Scholarship Highest marks in subsidiary Chemistry of B. Sc. Physics 1000
40 Sreelakshmi P. Prasad Memorial Scholarship  Best B. Sc. Physics Final Year student who is financially backward 1000
41 PTA Proficiency prize  B. A. English 250
42 Prof. Mathew George Endowment Best Outgoing student in BA English 1000
43 Prof. Maryamma Joseph Endowment  Top performance in Part I English 1000
44 Prof. Sebastian Joseph Memorial Scholarship  Top Scorer in Part I English Common Course 1000
45 Fr. Gregory Vellappally Memorial Scholarship Best Outgoing student of MA English 2000
46 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. Sc. EEM 250
47 Top Scorer in  B. Sc. EEM 250
48 Antony D. Memorial Scholarship  Top Scorer in B. Sc. EEM 1000
49 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. A. Economics 250
50 Freedom Fighter Peedikayil Valiyakuttappan Endowment  Highest Marks for B. A. Economics 1000
51 Seetha P. Memorial Endowment  Highest Mark for B.A. Economics 1000
52 Prof. P. V. Joseph Endowment  Highest Marks in History 400
53 Prof. K. J. Joseph Kalapurackal Prize  Highest Mark in Political Science 250
54 Prof. Joseph Cyriac Memorial Prize  Highest Mark in History 250
55 Prof. M. K. Joseph Endowment  Highest Mark in Historical Roots of Modern World 250
56 Prof. K. George Endowment  Highest Mark in Political Science 500
57 Saneesh Kumar P. B. Memorial Endowment  Highest Mark for B. A. Economics 850
58 Surya Krishnan Memorial Endowment  Highest Mark in B. A. Economics 850
59 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. Sc. Chemistry 250
60 Dr. T. J. Varkey Thottuvelil Cash Award  Highest mark in B. Sc. Chemistry 1000
61 Prof. Daisy Joseph Endowment  Highest Marks in Chemistry for I & II Year 800
62 Prof. Mollykutty Francis Endowment  Highest Marks in Chemistry for I, II & III Semester 1000
63 Prof. Philomina Joseph Endowment  Highest Marks in Chemistry for first 5 semesters 1000
64 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. Com. Computer Application 250
65 Ajay Punnose Award Best outgoing student from B. Com. Computer 1500
66 Shiju Vijoy Memorial Scholarship  Best Outgoing student 5000
67 PTA Proficiency Prize  M. Com. 250
68 PTA Proficiency Prize  B. Com. 250
69 Dr. P. T. Joseph Scholarship  Highest Marks in M. Com. 500
70 Rev. Fr. Cyriac Kottayail Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee Memorial Prize  Highest Marks in B. Com. 250
71 Proficiency prize  M. Com. instituted by Prof. Jerome P. V. 2000
72 Proficiency Prize  B. Com. Instituted by M. Com. 2016-18 Batch 1100


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