B.Sc Chemistry

From the inception of the college in 1965, Chemistry has been a subject of study for the Pre-Degree students.  B.Sc course in Pure Chemistry (Model –I) with Environmental Chemistry as the elective paper and with physics and mathematics as subsidiaries was started in 1993.  A well-equipped laboratory was set up in 1995. The department also engages subsidiary chemistry of B.Sc. Physics and complementary chemistry of B.Sc. Zoology (Model-II).  With the introduction of CBCSS in 2011, the department also offers Chemistry in everyday life as the open course to the students of other streams.

Programme Overview
The B.Sc. programme has Chemistry as Core Course and Physics and Mathematics as complementary courses. Environmental Chemistry is offered as the elective paper. In addition to the Core Courses and Complementary Courses students have to study English and any one of the Additional Languages. Students can opt Malayalam or Hindi as the additional Language

Career opportunities

‘Be positive like a proton’

Chemistry is the central science that spans all aspects of life and so the scope of B Sc chemistry is high. An undergraduate degree in Chemistry helps you develop professional and technical skills in core chemistry. After pursuing a B Sc in Chemistry candidates can go for different career opportunities
After graduating students interested in academia can opt for postgraduate studies and research to get a strong hold of their chemical passion and can secure chemistry professor jobs in colleges and universities.
The most popular career options after B. Sc chemistry include

  1. Chemistry teacher
  2. Analytical chemist
  3. Lab assistant
  4. Quality control chemist
  5. Water and soil chemist

Most of the industries use chemicals in everything directly or indirectly which creates ample opportunities for chemistry graduates in the following sectors

  1. Pharmaceutical industries
  2. Biotech companies
  3. Plastic  industries
  4. Oil, gas and power sectors

B Sc chemistry students can also opt for government jobs in laboratories and research institutes.
Studying chemistry doesn’t restrict you to a career in a laboratory rather it opens a multitude of doors for your educational and professional opportunities