The College Library subscribes to proprietary and open-source electronics resources such as databases, e-journals, e-books and electronic theses and dissertations. N-LIST and DELNET are the paid databases of the library. Others are all available on the open access platform. Students are given proper orientation to the open access resources and proprietary databases of the library. 

Following are some of the lists of the databases, open access theses, dissertations and e-journals:

Subscribed Databases

  1. N-LIST (College ID – 2647)
  2. DELNET (College ID – IM8274)

Open Access Databases

  1. Shodhganga (Open Access)
  2. pdfdrive.net (Open Access)
  3. National Digital Library of India(Open Access)
  4. Niscair Online Periodicals Directory (Open Access)
  5. e-PGPathshala (Open Access)
  6. DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals
  7. DOAB – Directory of Open Access Books
  8. NDLTD – Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
  9. Vidya-Mitra
  10. arXiv


Full-text articles from research journals published by CSIR-NISCAIR are made available for the access of students and staff. Full-text access facility is provided for all nineteen research journals viz. ALIS, AIR, BVAAP, IJBB, IJBT, IJCA, IJCB, IJCT, IJEB, IJEMS, IJFTR, IJMS, IJNPR, IJPAP, IJRSP, IJTK, JIPR, JSIR and JST. NOPR also hosts three Popular Science Magazines Viz. Science Reporter (SR), Vigyan Pragati (VP) & Science Ki Duniya (SKD) and a Natural Products Repository (NPARR). The following are links to various e-journals. 


1. New Journal of Physics

2. Journal of Thermodynamics

3. Journal of Modern Physics

4. International Journal of Theoretical Physics

5. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics

6. Journal of Experimental Physics

7. Open Access Journal of Physics


  1. The Electronic Journal of Probability
  2. Journal of the American Mathematical Society
  3. International Journal of Differential Equations
  4. Journal of Applied Mathematics
  5. Journal of Mathematics
  6. Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences
  7. Open Mathematics