Library Profile

Motto of the Library

‘Readers Are Leaders’

College Library is the nerve centre of all the academic activities of the college. It provides a place where teachers and students can pursue research and study unhampered by noise or any other disturbance. Its facilities and services exist solely to cater to the needs of the academic community of the college. The college library, which is a repertoire of rich knowledge resources with a collection of over 34,100 books and subscriptions to top periodicals and journals is the key source of academic assistance to the community. The college library is located on the ground floor of the main building with a total area of 47675.25 sq. ft. with a total seating capacity of 80. The library starts functioning at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM on all working days, providing resources and materials that support the educational, professional, and personal needs of our students, faculty and staff. 

There are special sections for reading, lending and reference. Internet browsing is also available. The library is fully computerized and digitized with Machine Readable Catalogue facility for searching and Bar-coding for detection and transparency. Students and teachers visit the Library regularly and make use of the digital and print resources provided. The library is automated with the software KOHA version 21.05 for the overall management of library operations. Our Library is available 24×7 and DSpace is used for the digital library which is also available always online. Our library KOHA is available through the IP and for DSpace. Books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme 22nd edition. We provide open access facility in the library actualizing the prime objective of providing the right information for the right user at the right time. The collection includes print documents as well as electronic documents.

Mission of the Library

The College library maintains a sense of mission in relation to its services:

  1. To provide every individual an opportunity to make the best use of reading materials available in the form of books,periodicals,journals,newspapers,e books,e journals and other non book materials.
  2. To assist the parent body,carry out its programs
  3. To help the users of the college in the preparation of their academic and professional and in keeping abreast of current developments in different subject areas.
  4. To facilitate acquisition,processing,storage and retrieval of publications related to academic courses of the college.
  5. To provide timely and accurate information to users.

Library Staff

Fr. Tijomon P. Issac
Librarian UGC

Mr. Shajimon Joseph
Library Assistant

Ms. Sreelakshmi Ravi
Library Trainee

Library Advisory Committee 2022-2023

1.Sri.Jogi Joseph, Chairman
2.Rev.Fr.Tijomon P Issac , Secretary
3.Dr.Mary George
4.Dr.Shibu George
5.Dr.Jomole Jose
6.Dr.Gem Cherian
7.Smt.Bittu Ann Chacko
8.Dr.Vinu T Vadakkel
9.Sri.Jaimin George
10.Smt.Stefy Jose
11.Ms.Archana Babu II P G Mathematics
12.Mr.Mohammad Farooq III B.Com Computer

Library Facilities

Library provides the following infrastructural facilities for its stakeholders:

  • Online Book Search (Catalogue via KOHA Software): 
  • Online Digital Library (DSpace Software)
  • Question Bank
  • Theses Collection
  • Internet and Digital Library Browsing
  • Reprography
  • Special Collection for Career Orientation and Competitive exam
  • Dhwani Audio Library
  • DAISY Software for the Blind
  • Readers’ Club for library programs
  • Online Book Reservation
  • Inter Library Loan 
  • Book Loan Service
  • N-LIST and DELNET Database Facility
  • Referral Service
  • Selective Dissemination of Information for the users (SDI)
  • Archives Facility
  • Open Access Resources for Books and Journals Facility
  • Special Sections for Reading, Lending and Reference
  • High-Speed Internet
  • LCD Projector
  • CCTV Surveillance for Security Reinforcement
  • New Arrival Display

The number of academic resources available at the library is given here: 

  • Books – 35,100
  • Print Journals – 12
  • Newspapers – 9
  • Print Magazines – 36
  • CD and DVDs – 223
  • Subscribed Databases – 2
  • Theses – 19

Library Rules

  1. While entering the library, footwear should be kept outside.
  2. Personal belongings like bags, umbrellas etc. are not allowed to be taken inside the library. It may be kept on the property counter. White papers may be taken inside to take notes. 
  3. Use of Mobile Phones will not be allowed inside the library.
  4. All persons entering the library should register themselves at the Entrance/e-Gate Register.
  5. While entering the library students should wear their ID cards in the proper position to enable the Staff to identify them. 
  6. Books of the Reference section will not be lent out but they may be consulted in the library. 
  7. Strict silence must be observed within Library premises. 
  8. Readers will be responsible for any damage caused to books or any library property. To be safe, when a book is issued to a reader, he/she must point out to the Librarian any defect of the book. Otherwise, the presumption will be that the book was quite intact when issued. 
  9. If a book is damaged or lost by a member, he/she will have to replace it or pay the cost of the book including postage, etc. within the time fixed by the librarian. If one volume of a set is damaged or lost by a member, he/she must replace it with a copy of the same edition. If such a copy is not available, he shall replace the whole set within the time fixed by the Librarian. If a student happens to recover a lost volume after having replaced it or paid the value thereof, he will not be allowed to return it to the library and get back the new copy orbs price. 
  10. To borrow a book from the library, find out the required book by searching the online catalogue or with the assistance of the library staff. 
  11. Books will be issued on all working days as per schedule. 
  12. The queue system is to be followed at the circulation counter.
  13. The exchange of books between the students will not be allowed.
  14. The period of the loan is 14 days for UG students and 30 days for PG students including the date of issue after which period a fine of Rs: 1 per day per book will be levied. Overdue charges should be remitted at the time of Return of books. Any book which is in special demand may be lent for shorter periods as determined by the Librarian.
  15. Only writing materials can be taken inside the reading room and library.
  16. All the books borrowed from the central library by students and members of the teaching and non-teaching staff must be returned by the last week of March every year for the annual physical stock verification of the library.
  17. The transfer certificate will be issued and the caution deposit refunded only after the clearing of all dues to the library. 
  18. A member of staff who proceeds to go on leave or a transfer must return all books borrowed from the library before proceeding on leave/transfer. 
  19. The teaching staff who fails to return the library books on or before the due date must also pay the fine (Rs. 1/- per day). 
  20. For the loss of books, the following procedure will be followed: 
    1. If the copies of the book are available with the suppliers, the book has to be replaced with a new one.
    2. If it is not available for replacement, the value of the lost book will be realized at the following rates: 
      1. Ten times the face value of the books which are published prior to 1946.
      2. Six times the face value of the hooks which are published before 1970.
      3. Three times the face value of the books in all other cases.
      4. If the book value cannot be ascertained from the library stock registers, compensation will be fixed based on the market price of a similar publication at the time of fixation.
  21. Books in the reference section will not be lent out, but they may be consulted in the library. 
  22. The Principal and the Librarian have the right to call back any book at 24 hours’ notice. 
  23. Strict silence should be observed in the library and its premises.
  24. Books will be issued to the members of the staff from the Circulation Counter as per the norms. No member of the staff is allowed to keep with him more than 10 books at a time. All the books should be returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  25. Periodicals should be replaced in the same display portion of the racks after use.
  26. Books should not be misplaced. If the exact position is not clear, it can be kept on the table meant for the purpose.
  27. All outgoing students should return the books borrowed from the library as well as their Library cards before the closing of the academic year.
  28. Loss of Borrowers’ Ticket should be reported to the Librarian immediately. Duplicate Borrowers’ Ticket will be issued only after verification and on payment of a fine of Rs. 50/-
  29. Activities of the users will be under the surveillance of cameras in the library.
  30. Users, from the institutions to which the college library has signed an MoU, can avail the resources of the library and the rules apply to all.

Library Services

Libraries are dynamic instruments of education and St.Aloysius College College library focuses on the excellence in services and flexible access to learning materials. These goals are attained by optimizing the skills, expertise and knowledge to support the college’s mission with respect to curriculum and research. Following are the services provided by the college library for its stakeholders.

  1. Cloud Library Facility

Library at home: Users can access library at home or anywhere and and at anytime. Cloud facility is provided so that users can search library resources online .

  1. Book Reservation Facility

Users can access library anywhere and reserve any resource online.

  1. Book Loan facility

This service covers issue, return, renewal and reservation of documents to library members at the circulation desk . Members are eligible to get books issued for home reading for a specified period of time.

  1. Current Awareness Service

We offer a gist of important daily news and facts form the leading newspapers like The Hindu The Indian Express,Malayala Manorama and Deepika. Students can access this from the library’s repository service.

  1. Career Corner

There is a separate section of the library earmarked, Career Corner, wherein the books for various national and international level competitive exams are kept. There are books for TOEFL, IELTS,UGC Exam and PSC Books which help students go abroad for higher studies and other higher education jobs. Also books of administrative services are available for students.

  1. Digital Library ( Dspace)

Library has subscribed cloud facility for digital library via Dspace software. Any digital contents can be uploaded and can be prepared for users access.It also works as institutional repository. Users can at any time and from anywhere access the college online library resources.

  1. Journals and Magazines

Library Subscribes to 12 subject based print journals and 36 magazines for current awareness and academic pursuit.

  1. WEB OPAC ( Online Catalogue)

Its purpose is to enable a user of the collection to find out the physical location of the information in the collection. It is an access tool and resource guide to the collection of a library or libraries which provides bibliographic data in machine-readable form, facilitates search interactively on computer terminal by a user


N-LIST stands for “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content”. It is funded by the MHRD to extend access to selected e-resources to colleges. The browse and search interface allows one to search e- journals and back issues and subscribed resources under the consortium for registered colleges. College central Library is a member of NLIST-INFLIBNET. Users can search for journal titles, words in title and publishers. Library users can register for this facility via a formal request to the librarian and obtain an individual username and password.

  1. Delnet Database Service

Aloysius College central Library is a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET) which offers access to resources of other libraries in India. DELNET provides e-resources to users. DELNET Union Catalogue is available at For username and password contact the librarian.

  1. Shodhaganga

Shodhganga is a digital repository of theses and dissertations submitted to universities in India. It is maintained my INFLIBNET and can be accessed free online.

  1. Open Access Journals and Books Service

College library provides information and current awareness and referral service to thousands of open access journals , books and databases.

  1. Gate Entry Monitoring System

Users can enter in to the library via e gate by scanning their IDs.

  1. Question Bank

Students are provided with the previous year question papers of their course of study and students find it very useful.Question papers are available online via institutional repository.

  1. Inter Library Loan

It is possible to borrow books from other libraries on via inter library loan for research purposes if the title cannot be made available in the Library. Photocopy /printout from journals not available in College Library can be requested from other Libraries. DELNET levies a nominal charge towards photocopying and postage for each request.College has made MoU with 6 institution for resource sharing. It helps the users to fulfill the knowledge search.

  1. Service for the Differently Abled : DAISY Software or the blind

An outstanding part of the library’s service is the service to the visually impaired students in the college as well as the public. Library installed the software DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) jointly with the Kerala Federation of the Blind Youth Forum and Kerala State Youth Welfare Board on 16th November 2020. 

  1. Dhwani Audio Library

Library has brought an audio library and recording room for voice recording for the audio book generation useful for the blind people. It is named as Dhwani

  1. Voice Donors Forum

College library started a new forum named voice donors forum that includes users ready to donate their voice for the blind people . More than 70 users are part of the forum.

  1. Reprographic Service

Library Provides photographic facility for staff and students for very low price to cater to the academic needs of the users.

  1. Digital Library & Internet Browsing facility

A room is set apart for the users to browse internet for academic purpose and digital library access. There are 6 computers and users have access to it during the library hours.

  1. Library Consultancy Services

College library provides consultancy services to many institutions.Librarian is well versed in open source softwares like koha and dspace and conducts workshops and seminars.

  1. Internship facility for BLISC and MLISC students outside the college

Library provides internship facility for library science students who are aspiring for jobs. 7 students have been part of the library for library training.

  1. Orientation Program for new users

Library provides orientation programs for the new students to aquaint with library facilities and services.

  1. New Arrival Display

To make the users aware of the new collection added to the library or their interested subject area we offer alert service. New Books purchased are displayed at the library entrance

  1. CCTV surveillance for security reinforcement

Library installed 2 camers to protect its resources from theft

  1. Wheel chair , ramp facilities are for disabled users

1.Barrier free access to the library with ramps at the entrance of the library.

2.Wheel Chair Facility.

3.Service minded library personnel and barrier free service at the circulation desk.

  1. Thought for Day for users daily reflection.

Every day new Thoughts for reflection are displayed in the library notice board.

Our Highlight


An outstanding part of the library’s service is the service to the visually impaired students in the college as well as the public. Library installed the software DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) jointly with the Kerala Federation of the Blind Youth Forum and Kerala State Youth Welfare Board on 16th November 2020. 

Daisy Talking Book Project comprises of three other softwares i.e NVDA (Screen reader), AMIS (Daisy book player for windows) and Audacity(digital audio editor and recording application software). It has a collection of around 200 books including short stories, novels, Competitive exams books etc in Malayalam language. For the full fledged working of this project, It requires voice bank, escort bank and scribe bank.

 An audio library named ‘Dhwani’ was launched in view of collecting voice for the blind.  Inaugural meeting was conducted on 30th July 2021at 12 PM  and the college Principal Dr.Jochan Joseph inaugurated the ‘Dhwani Audio Library’ and the vice principal Sri.Jogy Joseph presided over the meeting.


Library Consultancy Services.

Our Library provides consultancy services to more than 55 libraries in and outside the state. It includes school ,college and special libraries.The list of the institutes that receive consultancy service from our library is as follows.

Being part of STACK Library Solutions librarian acts as the technical assistant for installation and customization of library softwares.

  1. Electrical Inspectorate Trivandrum
  2. V V College of Science and Technology Palakkad
  3. SB College Changanasserry
  4. HHMSPGNSS College Karamana Trivandrm
  5. VTM NSS College Dhanavachupuram Trivandrum
  6. St. Marys Malanakra Major Seminary Trivandrum
  7. SH College for Women Chalakudy
  8. Don Bosco College Mannuthy Thrissur
  9. Devamatha College Kuruvilangadu Pala
  10. St.Dominics College Kanjirappally
  11. Sree Ayyappa College Eramallikkara,Thiruvalla
  12. Bharath Matha College Ashokapuram Aluva
  13. KVVS College of Science and Technology Adoor
  14. Danahalaya Punnapra Alappuzha
  15. Santa Maria Public School Kooroppada Pala
  16. Jeeva Jyothi College Kurichy Chanaganasserry
  17. Ilahia College of Arts and Science Moovatupuzha
  18. Mar Augusthinose College Ramapuram
  19. Georgian Public School Edathua
  20. ST Alphonsa Public School Kudamaloor Kottayam
  21. Sahyajyothi College Kumily
  22. JPM College Kattappana
  23. Christ College Kattappana
  24. JPM Training College Kattappana
  25. Lisie Nursing College Kochi
  26. Lisie Pharmacy College Kochi
  27. Lisie College of allied Health Sciences Kochi
  28. Lisieux College of Nursing Mookannoor,Ankamali
  29. Holy Cross Nursing College Kottiyam
  30. Matha Nursing College Ettumanoor
  31. Caritas Pharmacy College Ettumanoor
  32. Sanjo College Rajakkad
  33. Carmel College Adimali
  34. Mar Baselius College Adimali
  35. Girideepam College of Management Kottayam
  36. Girideepam CBSE School Kottayam
  37. MES College Erumeli
  38. Mar Chrysostem College Adoor
  39. FCC Provincial House Chanaganasserry
  40. MICAS college Mavelikara
  41. Mar Ivanios Minor Seminary Mavelikkara
  42. Mar Severios B Ed College Chengaroor Pathanamthitta
  43. MICFAST College Chengaroor
  44. SH Generalate Kottayam
  45. SN College Nedumkunnam
  46. St John the Baptist B Ed College Nedumkunnam
  47. Chrsit nagar College Trivandrum
  48. St George College Vazhakulam
  49. NEWMAN College Thodupuzha
  50. Mar Sleeva College of Nursing Pala
  51. Holy Angels Higher Secondary School Adoor
  52. Carmel PolyTEchnic College Punnapra
  53. Marygiri College Moovattupuzha
  54. STM College Thodupuzha
  55. CANA thuruthy Chanaganasserry
  56. Sanjos Academy Dibyapur UP
  57. Pavanatma College Murickasserry
  58. Mar Sleeva College Murickasserry
  59. Carmel College Muhamma
  60. Mar Gregorios Colleg Punnapra Alappuzha


Collaboration with other Institutions

To facilitate efficient and effective dissemination of information through the various online database and union catalogues, Library has made MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with the following institutions:

  • DELNET (Developing Library Network) New Delhi
  • Pavanatma College Library, Murickasserry
  • Don Bosco College Library Mannuthy, Thrissur
  • Sree Ayyappa College Library Eramallikkara, Mannar
  • Sacred Heart College Library, Chalakkudy
  • Mar Augusthinose College Library, Ramapuram Kottayam